One Month

One month from today, I’m out of here.

Only thirty days? This isn’t real.

Something that I’ve been trying to do lately, is savor the time I have left in Texas. I’m trying to spend time with family, make trips to see friends, and obviously get good grades in the three classes that I have to take in order to move schools. These are my priorities right now.

Now, I logically know that this isn’t my last month in Texas for forever. I love, love, loveeee my state, and I have a pretty good feeling that I’m going to end up back here someday. But, right now in my (young, occasionally narrow minded, and naive) mind it feels like I’ll never see Texas soil again- and more importantly- my people. Balance is hard.

As a performer, what I’ve come to realize is that I often feel like my entire week is like a show.

“Make this person happy, call this person, love this person well, show this person grace, don’t forget to write that paper, remember exercise is important, don’t stay up so late, find time to do things you enjoy, you need to keep writing music, don’t wither valuable time away, buy this book and treat yourself to a shirt, don’t spend money you don’t have, also be sure to shower- you smell.”

So many clamoring voices, and I want to feed each of them with my undivided attention. I want to keep up everything that keeps my people happy, and try and keep myself happy as well.

Balance is hard.

My actual to-do list looks like this:

  • Spend time with Jesus
  • Look at furniture for new apartment
  • Check to see what else you have to do for LA Film School
  • Remember to stay on top of your online class
  • Community on Sundays at Trinity
  • Band practice Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Don’t get sick
  • Homework for Anatomy and College Algebra
  • September 19th Weekend – Trip to San Marcos
  • September 25th Weekend – Trip to College Station
  • October 3rd Weekend- Show in Katy
  • October 10th Weekend- Study for Finals
  • October 17th Weekend – Pack, Because you’re moving on Tuesday

Time. I wish I had more time. It seems like it always moves faster when I want it to slow down, and moves like a turtle when I’m ready for something to happen.

But I’ve realized two things: 1. I need to stop counting 2. I need to see the glass as half full.

To-Do list:

  • Hang out with Jesus
  • Furniture shop!
  • LA Film School papers- you’re almost finished!
  • Online classes are easy, get over it.
  • Spend time with cool junior high kids and talk about The Lord
  • Practice music with my ridiculously fun friends
  • Stay healthy
  • Homework is a drag, but you’re halfway there!
  • September 19th – See Olivia and Payton
  • September 25th- See all my College Station people
  • October 3rd – Play in Katy
  • October 10th – Get to stay home with Mom!
  • October 17th – You’re leaving, dude. Get stoked.

For someone that likes to broadcast to the world that she’s optimistic, I’ve been doing a pretty great job of complaining, and I’m through with it.

I have thirty whole days left here, and I’m thankful for the time I’m blessed with, and that I have the chances to see my friends, and play some shows before I’m out of here. I’m so lucky.

Love you guys!

– Tori

Current Obsessions:

Toyota RAV4: I got a new car, and the mileage is amazing. Her name is Delilah and she’s taking me to California- and yes, I had to say goodbye to my sweet truck, Roxy. (Thanks to my wonderful parents!!!!)

Birkenstocks: I have a horrible lower back and these shoes have saved my life. 

Ben Rector: he’s still up there on my list, because in 28 days I’m going to his concert in College Station and MEETING him. I’ll probably die.

LA Dodgers: I’m trying to get into Los Angeles sport teams, because pretty soon I might want to start rooting for another team. I’m starting with this one because I like their colors and my boyfriend gave me one of their baseball hats a present, and I’m in love with it. 


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