The Houston Rodeo, West Coast, and YouTube

Greetings friends!

I hope your Tuesday is going well! College Station has been pretty rainy for the past couple of days, and I have to say- I’m dying for a little sunshine.

So, let’s chat!

This past weekend, my band and I had the chance to play at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo- and we had a blast. Despite some minor set backs at the gates, we made it in, and played a super fun show. There were babies, lots of dancing, and even a guy who started to run laps around the stage when we played the ‘Friends’ theme song. You can check out some of the stuff that happened here! Huge thank you to all our friends that came out- and to all the new friends we met at the show! Another massive thank you to my wonderful band. You guys rock- in more than just a musical sense.


With this rodeo show done, I’m moving onto my next activity, which is my trip back to Los Angeles. I’m going back to California for a number of reasons- one of which, is to record a cover with my great, and talented friend Dave Days. I’ll be flying out on Sunday and returning to Texas the following Friday- spending my entire spring break over there. I’m super excited to be back on the west coast, and be in the sun again; Texas weather has me pretty down at the moment.


I’m just saying.

In other news, I’ve been on my YouTube game lately. Unfortunately, I don’t have the resources to make high quality covers at the moment, so I’m doing what I do (second) best: Talking! Go check out my channel, subscribe, like, and comment on the stuff I’ve posted recently! I’ll be doing a vlog of my trip to Los Angeles and all the shenanigans that go on while I’m there, so be looking for that next week.


Finally, I’d like to let all you Houston-folk know that I’ll be playing an acoustic show this Friday, March 13th at Wine Styles in Vintage Park! It’s going to be a really cool, intimate show with lots of new music. I’ll be there at 7:30pm with my guitarist/friend Zach- and we hope to see you there.

This week at school I have three tests, and I’m feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. But it’s going to be okay. I think. I hope.

Weird. I normally feel like I have more to tell you guys about.


I have a job for YOU GUYS. I want to know what all of YOU want to be reading. I love updating you all on my life and what I’m doing- but is there anything you want to read about? Q&A? Music questions? Maybe a YouTube video on something? Let me know! Comment below or message me on my Facebook Page!

Let’s boogie,


Current Obsessions:

It’s a 10 Leave-In Hair Treatment: This stuff makes my hair feel so soft, and smells amazing. I have crazy thin hair, so I’m normally pretty hesitant to put anything in my hair that could weigh it down, but this spray doesn’t do that at all! You can get it at any drugstore.

Anchor North: Two of my friends Tanner and Andy are in this band, and they just released a ROCKIN’ new single called “WDWG”- go take a listen. If you like The 1975, they have a bit of that influence in their music- and I really dig it.

Green Beans: This isn’t really an obsession- it’s just that I kind of JUST recently learned how to cook (aka used the stove), and the first thing I cooked were green beans, and they were delicious. Stay tuned on this one, I plan on branching out.

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet Foundation: I know that’s a mouthful of a title, but this foundation is the best foundation I’ve ever used. It’s oil free, had great coverage, and lasts ALLLLL day.

Google Calendar: This thing has my life on it. If my schedule was deleted, I’d lose my mind.

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