Los Angeles, Shows, and The Disgusting Truth I Found in “Hot” Yoga

Hey, Hi, Hello!

This might be a bit overwhelming. New music. New videos. New WEBSITE– AND a new BLOG? This is nuts!

“Tori, it’s too much! We can’t handle it!”

Stay with me! It’s going to be okay. We’re on this journey together. We’re a team, and I’ll be with you every step of the way. Sort of. In a virtual way.

ANYWAYS. Hello sweet friends! I’m back, and this is my new everything! 

Special thanks to my sweet, kind, genuine friend Natalie- who literally made my ENTIRE site. Doesn’t it look so pretty? She did a great job.

Buckle up. There’s a lot. 

So, the past two months have been crazy. 2015 started off with a bang as I traveled to Los Angeles, California to record an original song and cover with a new independent music company called Relica, established by Dave Days. The week in California was absolutely amazing (special thanks to one of my best friends, Erin for letting me stay with her). It was my first time on the west coast- and I fell in love with the city (there are so many hills, and the orange juice ROCKS) (Yes, the orange juice was my favorite part).

IMG_0066_2IMG_0083_2                                  Sunset Blvd & Hollywood Towers View

Like I said, I had the opportunity to record TWO songs while I was in LA. One was a cover of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Style‘, that I performed with two of my friends, David Michael Frank and Jose Mostajo of the band: Future Sunsets. They’re both super talented guys- and I had soooo much fun recording it and filming the video with them.


In addition to this song, I also recorded a new original song called ‘Would You Stay‘!  David, Jose, and I stayed up until 2am almost every night I was in Los Angeles writing this song- and I love how it turned out. David is a producer and sound engineer for Relica, and worked on this song endlessly; he did an amazing job on it.


THEN, when Saturday arrived, we had a 12-hour long music video shoot for Would You Stay. Call time was 6:30am on the International Chess Park at Santa Monica Beach! The day was one for the books. We played chess, broke up, found a new guy, threw a football, met for the first time, rode a ferris wheel, took photo booth pictures, almost got arrested (not really) (security didn’t like us filming on the pier too much), ate some chicken wraps, got in a fight, broke up (again), snuggled on a couch, had our third date, had our first kiss, quick changed in a moving vehicle, and sang on a roof top for two hours, ending our night around 6:20pm. So, almost twelve hours.

It was a blast! For those of you who have been asking me, my boyfriend-for-a-day was David’s friend, Ben Bateman. Ben’s an actor, currently residing in Santa Monica. We literally met the morning of the video shoot, and he was a delight to work with. Ben was positive, funny, and professional the entire day. I couldn’t have picked a better love interest. 🙂

And he was nice to look at. Just saying.

IMG_0222 IMG_0238 IMG_0211 IMG_0237IMG_0215IMG_0213IMG_0079

Overall, it was an amazing trip- and I’ll be going back March 15th for some secretive reasons. But you will all know in due time.

Moving on! I’m now back in Texas, and doing the school thing again. I’m currently balancing 15 hours of school, my sorority, band practice, a social life, sleep, and being out of town every weekend for any reason you can think of. Busy, busy, busy.

Oh, I forgot one- SHOWS! I have those too! In fact- I actually have one coming up this weekend! I’ll be performing and talking at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in Houston, this Sunday- March 1st at 6:00pm. It’s going to be really great! I’ll be talking about how I got into music, and how God works through it.

Then, the following Saturday, I’ll be back at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo performing with my band! We’ll be in the same place as last year, The Stars Over Texas stage- Playing from 7:30pm-10pm! Come hang out! New music, new covers, but same great sound!

Be watching my “Shows” tab on my website for upcoming shows- it’s updated weekly!

Alright, now let’s chat about life, you guys.

I haven’t had much time to relax since I’ve been home from California, so naturally- instead of making time to relax. I made time for another activity. Yoga!

My friends that I work with at summer camp are super into it, and I visited them in San Marcos last weekend. Come Saturday night, they start doing head-stands, and all these other really cool yoga poses- and I thought “I could do that if I took some classes.” So, that’s exactly what I started doing.

Yesterday I did some web surfing, and found a yoga place not too far from my apartment, and signed up! I had the option of two classes I could try last night. One was called “Pod Basics” and the other was call “Pod HOT”.

Like any stubborn girl, who thinks she can handle athletic things- I think “Basics? Nah. I can do whatever this “hot yoga” thing is. Maybe it means I’ll be doing stretches with models or something. It can’t be that hard.”

I was wrong, you guys. I was so wrong. 

I managed to convince my roommate to tag along, and we went together! We walk into this room, and it’s 96 degrees (literally, that’s how warm it was) and we proceed to do a 75 minute work out (No models in sight). Twenty minutes in, I’m drenched and convinced that I’m either going to vomit, pass out- or both (which would be the worse case scenario). However, I didn’t (thank you, Jesus)- and we survived, and I have the water-weight-loss to prove it.

Now, although this experience was kind of awful (in the “this was really hard, but I know it’s good for me” way), at the end of the workout I felt AMAZING. I found out from our instructor afterwards that Hot Yoga can burn 700-1500 calories in a session. Isn’t that nuts? So, basically, if I decide to eat Chickfila, all I have to do is go to hot yoga, and I’m good.

I’m excited to get strong and stuff. Stay tuned. I think I’m going to stick with this yoga thing.


This was long post, and if you’re down here reading- I really appreciate you. You’re reading my words, I like you. Have an awesome week, everyone! I love you a lot.

– Tori


Current Obsessions:

Yoga: Obviously. I don’t care if I already talked about it. I just love it. It makes me feel so fit and fun!

Chipotle: I actually just got really into Chipotle. Which is great, because it’s so good. But it’s also bad, because it’s so good.

Dove Spray Deodorant: It’s so easy, it lasts 48 hours (and really does last), and it smells so good. I use the cucumber one. 🙂

Judah and The Lion: I’m a little late to this party, but I just started listening to this band and they’re extremely talented. Look them up on anything- I suggest YouTube, because they’re amazing live, from what I can see.

Mornings: I’ve been waking up early every day the past couple of weeks; I’m always up before 6 and I love it. I know it sounds weird, but mornings are just so great. I suggest trying it at least once! Leave a glass of water next to your bed, set your alarm, and when it goes off- just get up. Turn on your light, sit up in your bed, drink the water, meditate on your day, journal, and get going! I like to read in the mornings, personally. It’s so nice!

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